An Alice Composite
Digital Artistry do this in art class. There are many digital artistry pieces sitting on my desktop at 90% complete
Digital Artistry "Art is not what you see, but what you make others see. " ~Degas DESIGN
Artist Statement
world that I fear most. I create these worlds through photography, design and digital artistry to buttoned up to their necks, straitlaced and clean cut. And, I wonder, what is their story?   My digital artistry is an extension of my preoccupation stories, and words, and their relationship to art. I
. Photography, digital artistry, or design ...there is always story to tell and a vision to share. Welcome to
to Lisa Kerner: ~Simply Living Photography ~Digital Artistry~Graphic Design~
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my art by showing the world my vision. Photography, digital artistry, or design ...there is always
The Beauty of Art and Breaking the Rules
Digital Artistry
The Real World of Art
Digital Artistry
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