Every now and then I am asked specific questions that pertain to my photographic and digital art. The following tend to be the most asked....

Q. What's in your gear bag

A. Although I began my journey in the photography world as a a Nikon gal, now I am a full fledged Fuji X series gal. I also heavily rely on my phone with no shame.  I believe that iphonography is a legit tool to use in photographic art. 

Q. What is one peice of gear you cannot live without?

A. That is a tough question because I love ALL my gear, but I would say my tripod, back-up batteries and SD cards, and my heavy-duty camera bag are all things I have missed when I left them behind. I also have several apps that I love to use when I am out on the field... Adobe Capture, Camera +, Simple DoF, and Sky Map. 


Q. What program(S) do you use to edit your photos?

A. Adobe CC is my main go-to editing program. I begin the editing process in Lightroom and end in Photoshop. I also heavily rely on Topaz and the NIK collection for postproduction work on my composite imagery. 

For mobile edits I use Snapseed, Enlight, VSCO, Distresed FX, Stackables, and favorite of all time apps... Mextures.  All of my mobile edits are a mixture of all of these apps, there is no one formula that I follow. 


Q. where do you take classeS?

A. I am currently seeking my BS in Graphic Design/Mass Communications with a Minor in Photography/Art, but the mass of my knowledge in the art world was self-trained by trial and error. However, when I finally found myself in a spot where I could not figure out a specific technique I plunged right into reading books, watching YouTube videos, and began my journey at CreativeLive. I am a huge believer in


Q. Where do you purchase design elements?

A. Sometimes you have to give your money to the big companiess. When that is the case I like to support Design Cuts because their design community is awesome. However, I really believe in supporting other artists in their journey so I tend to resource my design elements from Creative Market, and DeviantArt unless I can find a direct website for an artist I love. 


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