Randomness of Life

Every now and then you need a random post just to say, "Hi, How are you?" 

~I'm fantastically busy. This semester of school is half over, and I am loving it so much I am already considering pursuing my Masters Degree in Fine Art. 

~ I finally did it. I was bold enough to enter two of my creations into a competition. I have never put my work out there like that, not even my photography. It's not about winning for me, it's about finally leaping over my fear of rejection. After all, I create because I have too, not for acceptance.

~ I started working with watercolors again. I had forgotten how much I love watercolors 

~ It's warming up here. Winter is not over for us, but it is so nice to have 70 degree days in between our cold days. 

~ I entered this piece into the Shift Art competition for March. The premiss is that you take the images/textures/overlays they provide and create something out of them. 

Electric Blue by Lisa Kerner

Electric Blue by Lisa Kerner

... all of the images below are from the Shift Art package, except the fractal image and the pink and purple light overlay. I really had a blast creating this piece; I channeled my inner Gail Edwards (Composite Digital Artist) for this composition. 

I will be by each of your sites this week to catch up and say, "Hi! How are you!!" Thank you so much for putting up with me being in and out of you cyber homes. You all mean the world to me. I cannot thank you enough for sticking with me through my busy season. 


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