Life Thru the Lens 47/52... Where Hope Begins; Not a Thanksgiving Coincidence

{The Random... I thought about posting this on a different day instead of Life Thru the Lens, but…. I think we all see too much of the good that each of us presents on social media, and we forget that life is messy sometimes. I think the messiness makes us real.}

“Sometimes your old dreams have to be taken away so you can have new ones.”

Saying Goodbye | Lisa Kerner | Simply Living Photography | ©2016 All Rights Reserved

I’ve been carrying that quote around with me for almost a year. It struck me right in the middle of a movie, the heart wrenching reality of giving up. I've pondered on the realness of those words so intensely that it has become a part of my soul from the moment it was breathed into my life.

I almost thought I wouldn’t share this progression with the world. To write words and hit submit solidifies what the heart is processing. Sometimes it’s easier to keep it all churned up in my soul because that leaves room for the possibility that maybe what I think is happening, my reality, isn’t reality after all.

I find the acceptance part of grief to be the hardest part. The time in the process when I have to admit to myself that I am delusional not to concede that there is loss in my life. But, healing doesn’t come without acceptance. And, new dreams do not emerge without healing.

I am not a quitter by nature, so to release lifelong dreams of ours and to be open to a new journey feels like I am a traitor to what was supposed to be.  But, it’s in the giving up that I can begin to see the new dream. It's the slow release of the white knuckle grasp of what was that leads to the ease of this life consuming saddness.

My heart still pains at ALL that we have given up over the last several years; we have been trudging on a continual path of obstacles and dream smashing catastrophes. And, I am not in a place where I can wake up and instantly feel joy without looking for it. But, hope lies in accepting the possibilities of this new life. And, joy lies in the slow release of the old dreams and the gradual embrace of the new ones.

The Good.... Hope and Joy in Thanksgiving....

~ A forever home in a city I left long ago never to return too, which turned out the be the place of my dreams. 

~A home that is not our dream home, but one we can makes dreams come true in. We did not choose this home, the foundation was already poured when we found it. Yet, it is a home that feels like "home" in the layout. I do not believe in coincidence; I believe in God. He knew I wouldn’t get exactly what I wanted, but he gave me exactly what I need.

~A home I can be creative in.

~A new kitchen complete with light I can shoot food photography in. 

~A new office/creative inspiration area…. a construction zone of possibilities that made my heart quicken each time I stepped into it but now it is reality.



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