Life Thru the Lens 4:52 ... Being True to Yourself

Last week I chatted about using comparison as a tool rather than an obstacle that paralyzes you. In that post, I shared that I love the Kinfolk look and even tried my hand at reproducing the look. I really detested what I created. Matter of fact, it took a ton of courage for me to post those images because I knew they were not stellar. So, I thought it would be fun to show you the image with my editing style. 

Because I edited this image in "my style" it was so much more fun to create. It's obvious I went a little artsy with this composition and used a little photo manipulation to bring out some fun aspects of the shot. The process was a joy, and that is what art should bring to your life; Joy, not the heartache comparison and intimidation. 

So... how'd I do it???

Step One...

I edited my image in Lightroom, with basic edits: contrast, highlights, whites and blacks, opened up the shadows, and bumped the saturation a bit. By the way this image is a panoramic composed of 5 shots total. 

Step One Photo Manipulation | Lisa Kerner | Simply Living Photography

Step Two....

I brought the image into Photoshop and clean it up a bit. 

  • I cloned out the tree branches and the road in the bottom right of the photo.
  • Then I created a duplicate copy of the image and flipped it horizontally, and painted off everything but the lower right hand corner. 
Step Two Photo Manipulation | Lisa Kerner | Simply Living Photography
Step Two Photo Manipulation | Lisa Kerner | Simply Living Photography

Step Three...

  • I added a Greater Than Gatsby (GTG) filter, from the Three Nails Collection, called Cosmic Love. I always tweak these filters to my liking, adjusting the opacity, turning off different layers, or even changing the overall color of a gradient. 
  • Some may ask why use a filter if I know what I am are doing in Photoshop? I say, why not! I do know how to create these filters, but why not support other great artists by using their products. Also, it makes my editing process so much quicker.
  • The key here is not to rely on Filters and Presets to accomplish the "look" you are working towards. I do think it is vitally important to learn both Lightroom, and Photoshop, that way you can tweak Actions and Presets to your taste. 
Step Three Photo Manipulation | Lisa Kerner | Simply Living Photography

Step Four...

  • This is where the fun comes in. I added a sunflare just over the peak of the mountain. 
  • Tip 1... When creating a realistic look in photoshop it is key to really study the photo for light, light castings, and tones. I put this sunflare right where the sun was in the shot, so it works naturally. However, if I would have place it above the mountain, but the sun was to my back, then the eye would naturally feel something is off in the shot. 
  • Tip 2... Do not drop an effect, like a sunflare, into a composition and expect it to work without further editing. I tweaked this flare by skewing it and adjusting the overall dimensions. I also blended it, and  brushed off areas to make it more realistic. I then duplicated it and extended the rays of the sun.
Step Four | Photo Manipulation | Lisa Kerner | Simply Living Photography
Step Four Photo Manipulation | Lisa Kerner | Simply Living Photography
  • Tip 3... If you'll look above to the capture of my layers panel in Photoshop, you'll notice I grouped the sunflare together once I was done creating it. I do this to any part of an image I want to keep together. It makes future alignments, and adjustments, much easier. Select each Layer, right click and choose Group From Layers, then follow the dialogue box. 
Hello Sun | ©2017 Lisa Kerner - Simply Living Photography | All Rights Reserved
Step Five Photo Manipulation | Lisa Kerner | Simply Living Photography

Step Five...

To me this is the most vital step in a composition, and is often why a piece you are viewing doesn't quite feel cohesive. I always do some sort of adjustment to my entire piece to bringing unity to the piece, usually in the form of GTG Filter, but not always. Sometimes, I'll put a texture over it, or I'll make a levels or curves adjustment. This time I did choose Lemonhead from the Innocence II collection in GTG.



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