Life Thru the Lens 37/52

The Random...

I was first introduced to the Jung/Myers' personality test in high school, and have since then been slightly obsessed with it. The interesting thing is that my initial test results are the same today as they were 20+ years ago. The difference is that I understand the results today, but was confused by them in high school and thought somehow they were a misrepresentation of who I am. In actuality, the misrepresentation was the fact that I was a teenager who really did not know, or understand myself. Ahhhhh, how life can open the flood gates of light bulb moments. 

  This is a referral post, by clicking through I might receive a small percentage off my next order.  

This is a referral post, by clicking through I might receive a small percentage off my next order. 

The Fun...

I am a INTJ... Introverted iNtuitive Thinking Judging personality. So, by nature, I absolutely love lists, and planners. I can spend all day destroying a room and reorganizing it. Like Sheldon, from The Big Bang Theory, closets are my thing, and organization is my game. So, it should be no surprise to mention that I already have my life planner for next year all beautifully organized and ready to go.  

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I am a huge Erin Condren fan. I have tried other planners, but this one is my go too. I am on my third year of using the LifePlanner and can happily attest that it is worth every penny. 

  I'd never refer something that I do not absolutely love. 

I'd never refer something that I do not absolutely love. 

The Good... Why I love Erin Condren LifePlanners...

~ The coil. I really hate a coil that bends over time due to usage. EC's stays nice and straight all year long. 

~ The layout. Next year, I will be using a new horizontal layout, but typically the vertical layout has worked out well for me. The vertical view left room for a menu, and a space to plan our homeschool year out. But, since I no longer need the homeschool space, and I enjoy having my days all stacked on one another, the horizontal view will ultimately work better for me. 

~ The paper weight. Although it could be a tiny bit thicker, overall (especially compared to other planners I have used) EC's are much more superior. I really detest a thin paper in my life planners; I am hard on my planners and need something that will hold up. {Hint: I use the Pilot G-2 pens and have no issues with bleed through on my pages.}

~ The notes area. I Bullet Journal as well, but the idea of hand creating a monthly layout and a weekly layout really overwhelms me. EC's are the best compromise for me because there is plenty of room for my habits, and hobbies, lists.  

~ Best of all Erin Condren is a fabulous company. The packaging is so fun, and you always receive a little extra gift to go along with your calendar. And, if you click through the links throughout this post you'll receive 10% off your order. 



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