Life Thru the Lens 36:52... skipping ahead

Whooh, well that was a long break. Every time I thought I would be back here writing, and sharing with our Life Thru the Lens community another curveball came my way, which threw me off my game. Let's see, since I was last with you way back in June...

  • We made the choice to retire as of Jan 1, and with that decision our entire lifestyle will be changing. It was an unexpected choice, and one that shifted our world. {More on that on Wednesday}
  • We had a huge garage sale, and sold off a ton of our household goods. 
  • I lost all my funding for school, and am not sure I will get that back. {I might explain that later.}
  • We have been fighting the process to retire from our current position for three straight months, and finally have acceptance. 
  • We put our house up for sale.
  • We began taking senior pictures of Blue Eyes.
  • Blue Eyes and Dreamer stared their Senior and Junior years of high school. 
  • My hubby left for a "business trip".
  • My boy turned 16... that was a pretty fabulous thing :-)
  • I began the process of re-branding myself... it is still a work in progress.
  • I have some other dreams I am thinking of, and implementing.... I'm forever a dreamer. 
  • I had major surgery.
  • We entered into a contract to sell our house. 

And so, our world keeps turing, and life keeps happening. It is not all bad. Matter of fact, now that we have accepted this new path we are all extremely excited about the opportunities to come. 


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