Life Thru the Lens 3/52... editing in Photoshop, beginners tips

Have I mentioned I'm taking a Lightroom class?

Oh wait, that might have been one of those random things that I thought I mentioned, but didn't. Sooooo, I am taking a Lightroom Mastery class through CretiveLive by Ben Willmore. Now that I have watched about 1/4th of the class, I can highly recommend it. I have had a ton of lightbulb moments, and I already see improvements in my editing skills using Lightroom.

I have also been reading, and watching videos, on Photoshop editing. I am really interested in some advanced editing techniques, and since I enjoy Ben's teaching style so well my next class will be one of his Photoshop seminars.

I have had this still life set-up roaming around in my head for a few weeks now, however the lighting has been dreary so my shooting days have been extremely limited. I decided this weekend was it, time to shoot and deal with the light provided. When I saw this photo I loved it, but hated the distracting markings on the pens and the Post-it labels. 

If you haven't figured it out I am a perpetual perfectionist. {{Sigh}}  So, I can see where I needed to work on a few areas with the liquefy tool, but over all I am pretty happy with the end results. 


  • I have learned photoshop by experimenting. Do not be afraid to "play" with all the settings, filters, and tools in Photoshop. 
  • Some classes teach you to maintain your original photo, with no destruction, make a duplicate copy layer of your original photo as soon as you open it up. It will stack right above your background layer. Then, if you complete an edit, but hate it, you can select all your layers, delete them, and start again. This works fine if you do not flatten your images throughout your editing process. Sooo.....
  • I ALWAY save my files as "save as" with my final edited photos. That way I keep the original RAW files and the jpeg files. Or, by "saving as", if I hate an edit, I can always start over with my edited RAW file imported from Lightroom. 
  • I keep my edited photos and my original photos separated. My storage system works this way: all my files for the year, individual photo shoot(s) with culled RAW files... edited Jpeg files. 
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  • I screen shot my layer panel, at different intervals, if I want to remember an editing recipe for further photos. Once you figure out your basic recipe you can create an action to run on all your subsequent images, to create a consistent look. 
  • On important files, that I might have to make changes to, I save a PSD file as well. That way I can make changes to the file without starting all over again. However, again, if you flatten an image you will not have every layer to work with. This only works if you have every layer open when you save as a PSD file. (You are thinking, "lady, that's a ton of files!." Yep, and storage now-a-days is cheap.)
  • My basic editing system looks like this. Import to Lightroom. Cull, and delete photos. Run a basic RAW edit on the photos and then export to Photoshop for creative edits. My system works for me. The important thing is to find a system that works for you. 
  • I work in srgb... although I have taken a class that encouraged Adobe RGB color scheme. All files viewed on the web and social media are viewed in srgb. I found that out the hard way. If you upload a rgb file to any web, or social media platform, it will be washed out and have a green cast because digitally based platforms work in the srgb color scheme. 


I am by no means a Photoshop expert... so any tips or tricks???

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