Friday Randomness...

~ After having my 105mm for almost a month, I can attest that I am in love with it. What have a learned about the lens....

  1. Bokeh is all about the aperture setting, right?!? Well, yes and no. When you have a really great macro 1:1 lens you will find out quickly that dreamy bokeh is par for the course with any shot. I actually shot both of these around a f9 and am finding that f9-f10 are my sweet spots with this lens. Working with this f-stop gives me a little more wiggle room with my depth of field. 
  2. This lens is super heavy. I was already a tripod gal, but now I need to accept the fact that I should also be using it in the great outdoors as well, on a regular basis. 

~ Jill over at Daily Bread is making a monthly goal list, and posting it on here blog... I thought I would join in. Obviously, I am a bit behind so I'll let my list run from the 19th to the 19th. 

  • Finish reading, and studying, my photography book on exposure
  • Finish my class from Karl Taylor Photography
  • Start Ken Follett's Fall of Giants 
  • Drink 8 glasses of water... my runs could use this
  • Run three times a week
  • Work on landscape photography 

Pumpkin Cookies by Lisa Kerner... see recipe link below. 

~ We have been eating whole food for almost five years now. The one thing I hate about this food lifestyle, menu planning, well and cooking to some extent. However, it is well worth it for my health... I have a couple undiagnosable health issues and I firmly believe you are what you eat. I am also gluten free, so when I find a recipe that works, especially with baking, I stick with it. These pumpkin cookies are by far my favorite cookie. Gluten free baked goods have the tendency to harden up within a day of baking, but these beauties last forever in their soft yummoliscious state. 

~ I have a Senior and Junior on my hands. When we started this homeschool adventure I felt like time was endless, but now I look back and realize is really is just a speck of eternity. To be honest, I always shied away from the advice to "enjoy my kids" when they were younger, "that time would fly by." It's hard to comprehend time flying by when you are trudging through the trenches of the toddler years. Now that my kids are almost full fledged adults I see why parents hand that advice out to anyone who happens to walk by with a youngin' near by. 

~ With all this talk of graduation, the kids and I are exploring different options for further education. We watched a great documentary on the subject... Ivory Tower. I have my opinions, but I curious what your opinion of the college institution is?