friday randomness 6:52

And, we are back with another round of Friday Randomness...

~ My girl hurt her knee pretty badly this last weekend. I'm torn in moments like these, feeling the need to yank them both out of sports, knowing that a long-term body that works is better than a short-term moment of intense challenge. But, soccer is what they live for, and I strongly believe everything worth living is painful at times.

~ I love, LOVE, quotes. I came across this one and it made me stop...

“Even if you're on the right track, you'll get run over if you just sit there.”
Mother Teresa

... it's true. We have to get moving somehow, and so fear has lingered long enough. I need to begin working on everything  I have to accomplish to officially open my business.

~ I found a new photography magazine. Lemons and Lenses... I'm thinking birthday present! Does anyone else subscribe to this magazine? What do you think?

~ It snowed, for fifteen minutes. Then, just as quickly it was gone. We had an accumulation of maybe 1/2 inch in the wind blown piles. That really is painful for me. It is like prancing me right through a coffee shop's door,  just long enough for my nose to catch the aroma and my mouth to begin watering, and then turning me around and saying, "Just kidding!"

~ The prompt for my class this week was floral, from the top down. The second to last shot is my favorite of my shoot, for my prompt. However, this last shot is my favorite of the entire shoot. I really love everything about it.

Today I am joining Friday Finds, and Little Things Thursday