5 reasons why RAW on camera phones is silly

My life thru the lens this week.... I hesitantly updated my phone to Lollipop. And then, I was extremely excited... to only be extremely bummed.

If you have read any news about the new cell phone cameras you know the word on the block is that raw files were made available for Andriod 5.0 phones using the Camera FV-5 app . Although, my Android phone does not support it, which is interesting because I currently have 5.0 URG :-/.

Wait, what is that you are saying?? The title of this post is why RAW is a silly on camera phones, why would you be mad it is not working on yours? Okay, okay I'll admit that I used that line to hook you in, there should have been a second part to that title...

5 Reasons Why RAW on Camera Phones is Silly for the Everyday User:

1. With RAW photos come larger files. RAW saves every bit of information about a photo, and then stores that in a digital format, giving the photographer full control of their image. That will not change for phone usage, which will equate to users needing to store their photos on an SD card, or they will face the sluggish speed of an overloaded phone. The other option is to download to an external hard drive, or drop their photos in the cloud regularly.

2. With RAW comes higher output for rendering a photo. Which, honestly, I'm not sure most phones could handle. (That is my humble layman's opinion.) Plus, I also think the average user would be frustrated with the lethargic feature. I get it, we live in a busy world and do not have time for slow cameras.

3. With RAW comes grain, which means if you want that smooth photo you will need, or want, some type of editing program.

4. If you shoot in RAW you will need a converter to be able to convert your files to JPEG. (Ummm hmmm, that's right, I'm thinking Adobe.) Yes, RAW is great for those of us who like full control of an image, but I think everyday users will find this cumbersome.

5. Most people use their phones for candid photos. Of course there are phonography enthusiasts, like myself, and we would be highly interested in RAW files for the full control of each digital file. However, for the average user it is pointless.

With all of that said, I was still super bummed to download my Lollipop update only to find out RAW was not compatible with my phone using the Camera FV-5 app; I did discover that RAW is only compatible with 'high-end" phones. Bummer. Oh well, back to my big camera.

I took these photos of the moon with my big camera. I wouldn't have been able to do that with my phone, RAW or not. :-) . It is three individual images made into one composite. I've always wanted to do that.

And, if you missed it... I wrote a little tutorial on a quick background cleanup in Photoshop CC/Elements.

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