Artist statement...

I have been a vagabond my entire life. I cheer for the underdog every time. I live to travel, and I travel to live. I'm a coffeeholic who loves a cuppa tea every now and then. I am an introvert who can fake a pretty fantastic extrovert.  Art has been my passion since I was a six-year-old crafting my own weaving loom creating textiles for my dolls.


I have always been a storyteller, a story reader, and a story finder. I stare at people with fuchsia colored hair and tattoo laden bodies, a visible map of their lives. I stare at girls wearing skirts to their toes, men buttoned up to their necks, straitlaced and clean cut.  And, I wonder, what is their story?  


My digital artistry is an extension of my preoccupation stories, and words, and their relationship to art. I believe in art, or design, there is always a story to tell.  Edgar Degas said, "Art is not waht you see, but waht you make others see." So, I take reality and mold it into a different tale, one that shows the world what I want it to see.


Color is my choice of drug, and in photography I like to take my images and push them just beyond the norm of reality. Johnathon Swift said, "Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others." Color is how I paint reality into the invisible magical fantasy that I live. Color is how I show others my world.


My work is a celebration of the magic that we all lived as a child. It’s a world full of color and wonder intertwined with fear and mystery. My work is the imagination at full capacity dreaming up stories of a world that I want to live in, or the world that I fear most. I create these worlds through photography, design and digital artistry to show people that the imagination is the most powerful art tool if we are brave enough to invoke it.

Welcome to my art story!