I have a story to tell, it begins like this....

I cheer for the underdog every time, even if it isn’t for my team. I live to travel, and I travel to live. I'm a coffee-holic who loves a cuppa tea every now and then. I am an introvert who can fake a pretty fantastic extrovert.  I have been a vagabond my entire life, but one day I will settle roots deep, and find my forever home. 

I cherish words, and to linger in a bookstore for an hour is not nearly enough time. I have always been a storyteller, a story reader, and a story finder.  I stare at people with fuchsia colored hair, and tattoo laden bodies, with piercings on every inch of their bodies. I stare at girls wearing skirts to their toes, men buttoned up to their necks, straitlaced and clean cut.  And, I wonder, what is their story?

My happy place is art, design, and photography. My mind is often swimming with ideas that I want to capture; stories I want to tell. Jonathan Swift said, "Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others." I see the world through a lens, and my heart screams to tell the story of my art by showing the world my vision with design. 

Photography or design ...there is always story to tell... vision to share... art to create. Welcome to Simply Living Photography.

Welcome to my story!

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